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Month/Year Active Sold
8/2019 31
9/2019 134
10/2019 714
11/2019 433
12/2019 163
1/2020 1
2/2020 103
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Total Units: 1,579

Active Units

Toyota Camry | | Nissan Rogue
Subaru Outback | Chevrolet Malibu | Ram 2500 | Porsche 911

Why use Kelley Blue Book (KBB), Black Book, TrueCar's online car price guide or NADA Guides for information on vehicle values when you can use PriceDart and find out what people are both listing their car for and what others are paying?

We bring you free used car values and links to sellers of cars, trucks and motorcycles in your area and across the country so you can get the right value and the right car price quotes every time. With our tool, you can search for the right vehicle, verify its price against the competition and make the right buying decision. Please tell a friend and spread the word. We're here to help.

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